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EXCEL™ audio recorded programs for improving personal performance in anything you want to do better, using mental conditioning of your attitudes about each subject. Of course, you must first be doing or needing the subject & physically capable of performing desired improvement. This is not a miracle. It uses proven conditioning techniques for performance improvement.

You Are What You THINK You Are...(That is the Basic Concept of EXCEL™)
Thinking is a process of your MIND through which you become what you are. Looking at someone, you see a face, hands, arms, body, legs...but not the person. You see the physical outer shell, not the mysterious, invisible power within each of us...a power called MIND!

MIND is each human's most potent force. Yet, for all of its power to shape our lives for good or evil, happiness or depression, success or failure, wealth or poverty, health or illness...few people truly use its power to the fullest. At best, most of us get by on only a small fraction of our total mental abilities.

Each of us has a hidden part of our mind that used to be as mysterious & unknown as the dark side of the moon. Now, exciting truths are being revealed...truths about this fantastic hidden part of human consciousness...
Or, as it is popularly called the "Sub-Conscious Mind."

Within your MIND, you carry two images of yourself. One the conscience image, lets you see yourself with most of your faults put away in dark corners, where you hope they won't be noticed. In this conscious self-image, your rational mind spotlights your good points & your successes & finds excuses for your failures.

But, it is the other image of yourself that really shapes your life. Your real self-image, the deep, hidden opinion of yourself that includes your inner drives, hang-ups, fears, hates, prejudices...& most importantly your ATTITUDES. This real self-image lies buried deep within your mind where it is difficult to reach. Yet, it does shape your destinies...your every thought & action.

This hidden part of your mind can put the breaks on your ambition, and can produce an unpleasant edge on your personality, limit your memory, stifle ability to learn, hide creative talent & cause tensions, fears, pain...even sickness & death! Or, it can open the floodgates of success & lasting joy! The CHOICE is YOURS!

Reaching Your Sub-Conscious Mind

EXCEL™ helps you use your Conscious Mind to open a channel to your Sub-Conscious. It helps you harness the amazing powers of your Sub-Conscious Mind to make yourself the kind of person you want to be...

Your Conscious Mind is continually conditioning or programming your Sub-Conscious Mind by every though that you think. The stronger the thought, or the more emotional intensity it generates, the greater the impact it has on your Sub-Conscious. Science has shown us ways of reaching & influencing the Sub-Conscious more directly, through its study of brain wave activity.

Brain Waves have been categorized into four basic groups, identified by the pattern their frequency produces & by the mental state of the person experiencing them.

"Beta" Waves have the highest frequency of 13 to 25 cycles per second. These are common in our fully-awake or aware state. They are associated with logical reasoning, as well as excitement, fear, tension, anxiety & most normal activity.

"Alpha" Waves occur at frequencies of 8 to 12 cycles per second. It is at this stage of consciousness, before sleep, when we are passively aware of what is happening, relaxed & capable of "day-dreaming." In this special type of consciousness, we seem to enjoy remarkable creativity; we are relaxed & free from anxiety; we are capable of learning & absorbing information faster & better.

"Theta" Waves are somewhat slower, producing frequencies of 4 to 7 cycles per second. When these waves predominate, we are usually in a state of light sleep, deeply relaxed & perhaps dreaming. It is often described as REM sleep, because of observed Rapid Eye Movements, usually associated with dreaming.

"Delta" Waves occur during deep, undisturbed sleep & is characterized by brain wave frequencies of 0.5 to 3.5 cycles per second.

It is the "Alpha State" that excites researchers so much, because it is this state that the Sub-Conscious Mind is most accessible. It is this state that the Sub-Conscious Mind is most receptive to suggestion...It will accept & retain the suggestions it receives in this state.

Through a process called Auto-Suggestion, you can implant suggestions into your Sub-Conscious, during this "Alpha State," that will help you accomplish the specific performance improvements you want to achieve.


Everything that enters from your 5 physical senses (sight, sound, taste, touch & smell) passes through a filtration system first that only permits a very small fraction of impulses received to be consciously perceived. Everything else goes directly to your Sub-Conscious for automatic handling.

Data perceived by the Conscious-Level of your mind is passed to the Sub-Conscious Level to compare with data from previous similar experiences. Your mind evaluates the new data based on its relationship to the composite of old data & determines what the possible consequences of the new data might be based on the feelings from the previous data. Your mind then reaches a decision as to what to do about the new data.

And, of course, all of this happens automatically, without you being aware of it.

Your Sub-Conscious Level memory files have a powerful effect upon how you perceive what is happening NOW in the form of new data. Your responses to life will be based largely on how you have responded to similar situations in the past. That is how you form HABITS & continue to perform consistent with those habits.

The Conscious Levell of your mind passes to your Sub-Conscious Level all of the data about you & your experiences, which are stored & become your CONCEPT OF REALITY. It does not record or store what actually happens or is happening to you. It records only your FEELINGS about what is happening -- so you never have a truly accurate record of events, but only your FEELINGS about those events -- so your CONCEPT OF REALITY is never totally complete nor totally accurate.

The Sub-Conscious Level of your mind is like a computer that handles things automatically based on the data it has stored in it. The Conscious-Level of your mind is like a programmer that is continually programming your Sub-Conscious computer with the feelings to which you have responded to life.

The Human System tends to behave in a manner which is consistent with its currently dominant

Your ATTITUDES about yourself & the world around you are part of your CONCEPT OF REALITY; they can become automated, so that you respond to life in many different, but consistent ways, without you even being aware of it -- which effects your behavior & your performance.

The Sub-Conscious is the non-reasoning level of your mind, & it cannot tell the difference between an actual experience & a vividly imagined experience.


Changing Your Attitudes

You can change a NEGATIVE ATTITUDE to a POSITIVE ATTITUDE by adding more weights (which are the feelings you have about life experiences) to the positive side of your ATTITUDE scale in any of the various departments of your life.

This can be accomplished through the constructive use of CREATIVE IMAGINATION, because the Sub-Conscious Level of your mind cannot tell the difference between the feelings from an actual experience & the feelings from a VIVIDLY IMAGINED experience.

To overcome tensions, anxieties, & frustrations, brought on by trying to perform at a level not consistent with your Self-Image, in any particular area, you must either maintain your performance at the level that is consistent with your current Self-Image OR you must CHANGE your Self-Image to Improve Your Performance!


1. Your POTENTIAL, in every area of your life, is your total present-time accumulation of your Talent & your Knowledge in each area.

2. Your EFFECTIVENESS is the degree to which you use the POTENTIAL you currently posses in each area in a natural, spontaneous, consistent manner.

3. The Conscious-Level of you mind is only concerned with what it perceives from your five physical senses (sight, sound, taste, touch & smell). It is your thinking, reasoning, guessing, wondering, calculating, aware, assimilating mind.

4. The Sub-Conscious Level of your mind is primarily concerned with all things you do automatically -- as a habit.

5. The Sub-Conscious Level of your mind has stored within it your CONCEPT OF REALITY, which is how you perceive yourself & the world around you to be. This CONCEPT OF REALITY is a compilation of the ATTITUDES you hold about yourself & the world around you.

6. You tend to behave in a manner which is consistent with your currently dominant CONCEPT OF REALITY, which is your Self-Image.

7. Your ATTITUDES are developed from the feelings you have in response to the experiences you have in life; these ATTITUDES become automated so that you respond to life in many different, but consistent ways, without even being aware of it -- which affects your behavior & therefore your performance.

8. The Sub-Conscious Level of your mind is the non-reasoning level & it cannot tell the difference between an actual experience & a vividly imagined experience.

9. Your CREATIVE area is part of the non-reasoning Sub-Conscious level of your mind & it takes whatever you think & feel strongly about (whether it is good for you or bad for you) & works creatively to bring it about for you in your life. The instructions you give it are the thoughts you dwell upon.

10. Your Self-Image can be deliberately changed to give you new ATTITUDES to achieve constructive & long-lasting changes in your behavior & your performance.

The EXCEL™ Basic Concepts Program
The EXCEL™ Basic Concepts Program is a complete program in itself. It will help anyone perform more effectively at anything they want to do BETTER! It is NOT just another motivation program with inspirational messages about how to improve performance. In fact, the EXCEL™ BASIC CONCEPTS PROGRAM takes the position that while motivation can increase perform-
ance, it is only temporary or just a short term increase that is effective only so long as the motivational factor continues to be applied.

Once this motivational factor is removed, performance tends to move back to its original level.
The EXCEL™ Basic Concepts Program, on the other hand, presents the concept that it is the attitudes people hold about themselves & the world around them that either stimulate or retard effective performance at anything they do.

These attitudes can create obstructions in a person's human system to block effective perform-
ance without that person even being aware of it. The EXCEL™ Basic Concepts Program ana-
lyzes each of the factors that affect all human behavior & performance. If offers step-by-step methods to remove obstructions, using mental conditioning instructions, that the listener is taught how to create, to make high achievement performance a permanent part of that person's day-in & day-out behavior.

The EXCEL™ Basic Concepts Program consists of 4 audio recordings. The complete program is $24.95, plus Sales Tax. It includes a 24-page Ebook with complete instructions for how to use this recorded program. There is no shipping, as the program is digital (when converted) for downloading to your computer or smart phone.

This Programs is Copyrighted:
©1976-2020 by Dan Harris • All Rights Reserved


Specific Performance Programs -- Each EXCEL™ specific performance program consists of 2 separate recordings. First is a discussion of skill building information about the subject & how your attitudes affect your performance. Second is a recording of mental conditioning to change your attitudes on this subject & improve your personal performance.This second recording repeats itself automatically, so you can get the most out of the mental conditioning.

Just relax & listen, as long & as often as you wish. It takes about 3 weeks, listening to the conditioning recordings, for as much time as you can spare each day, to change attitudes. But, improvements can start to appear in as little as 7 days. Continued listening over time, beyond 3 weeks, helps keep new attitudes in place for continued performance improvement.

Listen to them on your cell phone from anywhere or from your computer or tablet.

These Performance Improvement Audio Recordings were originally created to be played as audio cassette tapes & required a player. They are being converted to digital format & do not require a player. The recordings may refer to them as audio cassette tapes, but you can now ignore that.

Deep Relaxation Induction -- These 2 recordings provide instructions that will enable you to relax your physical body & conscious mind, whenever you choose. The continous loop recording implants key words into your sub-conscious, which, when repeated consciously, allows you to achieve this relaxed, tranquil state anytime. Achieving this state helps in absorbing information from other recordings in this series of programs. It also helps to reduce tensions & regenerate new energy!

More Effective Memory -- You learn how your memory operates & what you can do to improve its effective utilization. You are given specific techniques that help you memorize data, speeches, sales presentations, names, numbers, etc. You are given mental conditioning that unblocks the obstructions most people have that limit effective use of memory. You learn how to achieve an almost photographic memory.

More Effective Time Utilization -- You learn how to organize your time more effectively. You are given specific techniques that show how to accomplish more in less time. You learn to recognize the things that limit your effective use of time & you receive mental conditioning to improve your attitudes about time & overcome these limitations. Your productivity will improve & your frustrations with time will disappear.

Improve Salesmanship -- You learn how to achieve more, as a salesperson; how to recognize & remove obstructions that can limit your performance. You learn how to achieve a higher level of awareness & perception of customer needs & desires that help you close sales. You receive mental conditioning that creates a habit pattern to automatically guide your performance for higher-achievement.

Better Public Speaking -- Speaking effectively before an audience is a valuable asset for anyone. You learn how to organize & deliver effective verbal communications. You receive mental conditioning that overcomes any fear of public speaking & turns it into an exciting & dynamic experience. You learn how to remove obstructions that limit your performance & guides you to continuous higher-achievement.

Repid Learning/Speed Reading -- Increase your power to learn rapidly. You receive specific techniques that enable you to read faster, think faster, comprehend, retain & use information better than before. You increase your productivity by decreasing the time needed for reading/learning & by quickly obtaining the information you need to make better decisions.

Achieving More Effective Communications -- You learn how to apply the principles of effective communications to achieve a higher level of understanding in all areas of person-to-person relations. You learn how to eliminate areas of misunderstanding. . . how to be a better listener. . . how to organize your presentation for better delivery. . . how to put your ideas across more effectively.

Build Employee Teamwork -- You learn how to develop a cohesive group personality among the people in your organization that brings them together. . . gives them a common sense of purpose. . . & helps them work more effectively as a team. You learn how to build a spirit of cooperation that increases productivity & helps each employee attain a higher level of achievement.

Managing People More Effectively -- You learn the key to getting things done through others. You achieve an understanding of the various types of motivation & how to apply them effectively. You receive mental conditioning that automatically guides your actions to achieve effective performance in dealing with all types of people in related situations.

More Effective Decision Making -- You learn how to evaluate situations. . . how to obtain the information you need. . . how to reach effective & productive decisions quickly. You achieve an understanding of the elements that lead to indecision & frustration. You receive mental conditioning that helps you overcome these limitations to perform more effectively.

More Effective Problem Solving -- You learn step-by-step methods for analyzing problems. . . determining alternatives & arriving at effective solutions. You are given specific techniques that help you understand & define any problem. . . How to get to the heart of any situation & not be distracted by extraneous elements. You learn to understand & overcome the limitations everyone experiences in problem solving.

Power of Constructive Thinking -- You learn about the impact your everyday thoughts have on your performance. . . how your thoughts can be limiting your performance in various areas without you even being aware of it. You learn the seven levels of thinking & how they affect your performance at anything. You learn how to direct your thinking into constructive channels to increase performance permanently.

Creative Thinking/Idea Development -- You learn the anatomy of creative thinking. . . how to stimulate an endless flow of creative ideas. . . How to apply creative thinking to any type of situation to come up with new & unique approaches. You learn the limitations that inhibit creative thinking & how to overcome them.

Building Self-Confidence/Awareness/Perception -- You learn how to build confidence in yourself & your abilities through self-analysis & achieving an understanding of who you are. You learn how to overcome fear of criticism & concern for what other people think. You learn how to achieve a new sense of awareness & perception of the world around you & the opportunities it offers.

Overcoming Tensons/Developing Patience -- You learn how & why you develop automatic responses to situations that produce feelings of tension, anxiety & frustration. You learn how to reprogram yourself to overcome these feelings & develop an attitude of patience that produces more effective performance under stressful situations.

Improving Marriage Relations -- You achieve an understanding of the major elements that cause marriage relations to deteriorate & how to recognize the warning signs. You learn the key to effective marriage relations & how to incorporate these elements into your life. You learn to achieve mutual understanding & respect between you & your spouse for each other's interests & point-of-view that puts new meaning into your marriage.

Improving Scholastic Achievement -- Ideal for students at all grade levels. Helps to develop an understanding of how limitations are developed in learning, understanding & concentration. Provides methods & techniques that achieve effective study habits & improve learning retention. Develops new attitudes toward study & scholastic achievement. Teaches concepts of personal responsibility.

Parent Effectiveness Training -- Learn what factors influence the development of your children; how to provide creative & constructive direction to their lives; how to achieve a harmonious relationship & how to develop self-worth & confidence. You also get mental conditioning to help you develop constructive attitudes to improve your personal performance.

Youth Efectiveness Training -- Helps young people from High School through College to identify their Potential & how to achieve it. How to understand personal responsibility & achieve constructive direction in their lives.
Weight Loss & Control -- Learn the secret to effective & permanent weight loss. Receive subconscious mental conditioning that guides your success automatically.
Stop Smoking -- Learn how to understand yourself & why you smoke. Receive subconscious mental conditioning that changes you from a smoker to a non-smoker.
Mental Programming for Better Golf -- Teaches the mental side of golf where 90% of successful performance is achieved. You receive sub-conscious mental conditioning that helps you achieve relaxation, confidence, concentration & coordination. You accomplish effective control of your physical, mental & emotional performance through the use of "key-words" to which you are conditioned.
Mental Programming for Better Tennis -- Teaches the mental side of tennis where 90% of successful performance is achieved. You receive sub-conscious mental conditioning that helps you achieve relaxation, confidence, concentration & coordination. You accomplish effective control of your physical, mental & emotional performance through the use of "key-words" to which you are conditioned.
Mental Programming for Better Bowling -- Teaches the mental side of bowling where 90% of successful performance is achieved. You receive sub-conscious mental conditioning that helps you achieve relaxation, confidence, concentration & coordination. You accomplish effective control of your physical, mental & emotional performance through use of "key-words" to which you are conditioned.

The Individual Recordings of Specific Performance Areas of Your Life, in the EXCEL™ PROGRAMS, Provide Positive Conditioning to Change Your Attitudes in Any of These Areas From Negative to Positive, so as to Improve Your Performance in Each Specific Area.

The Poster Below (17" x 22" in full-color, suitable for framing) is a Cartoon Illustration of How Your World of Thought Works to Help You Achieve What You Want Most in Life. It is available FREE by sending an email to: with Your Name, Physical Mailing Address, Email Address & Telephone Number. It will be Mailed to You within 24-hours.

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